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13 April 2006 @ 03:16 pm
FF X-2, With all due respect, Differences  
Title: Differences

FF: X-2

Character: Baralai

Challenge: With all due respect

Rating: K+

Notes/warnings: Hints of Nooj/Baralai, just an odd and not so happy fic in general.
Don't ask. This just kind of came to me.

Word count: 559

Summary: Baralai is worried about Nooj

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Baralai smirked as he entered Nooj's office in Youth League Headquarters. "Well that's a wonderful way to greet an old friend."

Nooj responded to his statement with a small smile of his own and invited Baralai to sit. "So what brings you all the way from Bevelle?"

"Well," Baralai began, settling into his chair almost nervously. "It's been months since Vegnagun was destroyed and we all just... went our separate ways again. I've talked to Paine and Gippal a couple of times, but I think I've spoken to you once... maybe since then."

Nooj sat back. "So you're here for chit chat?" He asked dryly.

"I'm here because I'm worried," Baralai countered. "You're hiding yourself again. You won't talk to anyone..."

"You think that I've gone back to my Deathseeker persona?"

Baralai scowled and looked at the floor. "I'm worried."

"That's not all," Nooj interjected calmly.

Baralai chuckled quietly. "Well we... I miss you."

"Is that all?" Nooj spoke, still with his eerie calm. "You always have been a sentimental fool."

Baralai looked up at Nooj then, desperately trying to think of what to say.
Nooj's expression remained as he looked back at Baralai condescendingly. "What do you expect? Do you think that everything can be as it was? No disrespect intended, Praetor, but if you think that just because of what happened between us two years ago, despite everything that's happened since, that we can have any kind of romantic relationship, then you really are a fool."

Baralai sat back further, discouraged, especially by Nooj only referring to him by his title, but had some hope at getting Nooj to talk a little bit more, even if his words were cold.

Nooj's face appeared expressionless as he spoke again. "I suppose I am at fault too. I should have known better than to get sexually involved with such an emotional person..."

Nooj had mumbled, but it was still just audible enough for Baralai to hear, and the silver haired man found his voice again.

"The people of New Yevon and the Youth League have put their differences aside. Why can't we?" Baralai spoke just as harshly now, his tan face flushed with crimson.

"This is a different situation," Nooj replied, obviously trying not to lose his temper.

"Not entirely," Baralai lowered his voice a bit. "We were... friends...and now the only thing that separates us is politics." Baralai had used 'friends' in the place of the word 'lovers' although that was what he and Nooj had been... sort of. They had been physically 'involved,' but Baralai had also found himself charmed by the one called 'Deathseeker.' He cleared his throat and continued. "Right after Vegnagun was destroyed, everything was fine. What happened?"

"You're wasting your breath, and your time. I suggest that you leave now."


Nooj glared at Baralai over his glasses. "Please leave, Praetor, or I will have you escorted out by force."

Baralai stood slowly and spoke as if the angry conversation had not happened. "Good day, Mevyn. I hope that one day we can look past our... differences."

He tried to hide the emotion that was likely rather apparent on his face as he walked out. He knew that Nooj couldn't push everyone away forever, but it still hurt to see Nooj retreating into his old self.
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Nikki: (Baralai) Sinsshanaqui on April 14th, 2006 02:54 pm (UTC)
I liked this surprisingly much considering I wasn't expecting to, and I'm going to sit here and hate on Nooj a little. xD ♥