Final Fantasy Flash Fiction

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Final Fantasy fiction, with biweekly challenges
Welcome to the Final Fantasy Flashfiction community! This community was inspired by sga_flashfic. Your moderators are heyheyrenay and shanaqui, and if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer.

How it Works:
Every two weeks a challenge will be posted. Every member has two weeks to respond to the challenge. Your story must be posted directly to ff_flashfic, even if you crosspost it elsewhere. If that's not possible, make sure it's a permenant link that won't go friends only, be deleted or just disappear; that's for the sake of the memories here. The challenge will be officially closed by one of the moderators at the end of the two weeks. A new challenge will then be issued. Members can keep posting until they see that official closing message, and it's okay to write more than one fic for the challenge. Sometimes we might be late in closing a challenge; in that case, you can keep posting until we do. After the official closing message, no more stories for that challenge will be accepted.

All Final Fantasy games are included in this community. All pairings, ratings and genres are welcome here as long as the story meets the requirements of the challenge.

This community is dedicated to flash fiction. Please post your stort in a single part; the LJ limit on post size is huge so it shouldn't cause problems for flash fiction. If your story exceeds that size (and sometimes this can happen) or has formatting that livejournal doesn't support, feel free to post it on a separate website and post a link to the website instead.

Also, feel free to suggest challenges! Challenge suggestions can be dropped into any post with the subject line [admin].

Posting Format (for ease of archiving):
Please always remember to use an lj-cut when posting stories (unless they link offsite). The subject line of your post should look like this: Final Fantasy #, challenge name, title of story.

Titles, characters/pairings, warnings (like explicit sex, spoilers, etc) and other information can be posted outside the cut tag if the author so desires. Here is an example of a header for posting a story that could be used:

Title: Title of story.
Final Fantasy: ex: FFVII, FFVII-AC, FFVIII, FFX-2, etc.
Pairings/Characters: Name x Name or Name/Name for pairings; no initials.
Rating: MPAA/fictionratings.
Word Count: Words in your story (approximations are okay).
Summary: Short summary of the story.
Notes/Warnings: Just as it says; if you have none, can be left off.

Or the HTML version for copy/pasting:

<b>Final Fantasy</b>:
<b>Word Count</b>:

Other stuff (just to keep things tidy):
This is a writing community so only challenge responses should be posted here.

To advertise Final Fantasy related communities, see ff_press and/or ff_noticeboard.

ff_flashfic is listed at the Guide to Final Fantasy on LJ.

Also, play nice! Remember that feedback on writing is always appreciated. Most of all, have fun!

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All posts in this journal are about fictional situations and are not intended to offend people, and nor are they intended to support or condone illegal and morally dubious activities.